Tania is in her early 40s, with long brunette hair. Tania is a dress size 10, with a 38dd bust

A selection of Alice’s reviews…

On Jul 21 2023, hornypunter said:

After seeing Tanya last week, a revisit for today was on the cards. Am I becoming a changed hornypunter? She looked sexy and gorgeous again especially as we were in the mirrored room. The view of her sat astride me especially pleasing, fortunately I could not see too much of myself. However, unfortunately today my performance was below standard due to an earlier workout. Despite this fact I still left feeling very satisfied. Looking forward to our next meeting and that time I shall make sure I am at my best.

On Jul 14 2023, hornypunter said:

With the 2 new ladies on the rota for today I just had to make the trip. I decided today had to be a 3 girl day though not all at the same time. First lady was Jasmine, who had to put up with me waffling on.I had to pace myself if I was going to achieve my target.
Sufficiently aroused it was now Keeleys turn , a slim ,petite pretty fair haired young lady. I didn’t want to bore her in the same way as I had done with Jasmine. Though I suppose you could say I did ‘bore’ her in my favourite doggy style. I found her pleasant and easy to talk to.
Then it was Tanya’s turn ,a dark haired attractive milf. She was very friendly and chatty . Being last she had drawn the short straw as it was her job to make sure I left feeling drained. Which she definitely did.
Mission accomplished. I now have another 2 ladies on my to see again list.