Summer is a 30 year old blonde. She is a size 10 with a 32DD bust.

A selection of Summer’s reviews…

On Jan 8 2018, Dr.Jend said:

On the same day after my first hour with Sophia I went down and I saw the sweet, naughty Summer and when the zodiak subject was brought up and I realised Summer is Aquarius like me, I said I need an hour with the two of them together as soon as possible! Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for this to be arranged for the same day, so maybe next time.  Together we decided Summer could join me immediately after Sophia for some more fun.
This was a great decision! Nicely warmed up by Sophia, Summer jumped on me from the door. Wow!!! Great passionate kisser, skin smooth as silk, lovely face with cheeky blue eyes… Boy this girl is TROUBLE! But trouble is something that I am after!
Hot, intense, almost burning… Two Aquarians in the bedroom is fun guaranteed!
Thank you once again Angels, thank you HOTTT Summer! 

On Jan 5 2018, humbertraveller said:

Yesterday I was doing some boring paperwork at home. Eventually I realised that I needed to get out for a while. I knew that it would be too late to see my regular girl so I browsed a few web sites and noticed that there were five ladies available at Chrissy’s Angels. Well variety is the spice of life so I decided to drive over there. I was met by the ever friendly Naomi and taken upstairs where I was given the choice of Summer, Jasmine and Jess. This was a really difficult decision as they are all gorgeous. Eventually I picked Summer.

She took me upstairs and once the paper work was out of the way we both got undressed. Summer is very pretty and has a fantastic body with a lovely all over tan. She treated me to a lovely sensual erotic massage. As a gentleman I cannot disclose the rest of what happened but suffice it to say that by the end of proceedings I was totally relaxed having been thoroughly emptied!! We lay together cuddling and chatting for a while (always a nice touch) before I got dressed then Summer saw me out and I went on my merry way home.

Thank you for a fantastic time Summer. I will be back to see you again but I also plan to see Jess and Jasmine so I think it is going to be a busy but enjoyable few months.

On Nov 22 2017, Outsider said:

Had a couple of days off work so decided to relax with a visit to the Angels.
Intention was to see Jasmine who has been getting plenty of positive feedback recently, in the event it was a busy Monday morning and only Summer was available .
I’d not met Summer before but it was not a difficult decision to spend an hour in her company.
Financials out the way we were soon both naked. Summer has a lovely body and a friendly upbeat manner.i thoroughly enjoyed my hour Summer was attentive throughout lots of kissing,oral & culminating in an energetic and messy climax.
Certainly brightened a miserable Monday morning.

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