Summer is in her early 30s. Summer has long blonde hair, is a dress size 10, and has a 34e bust.

A selection of Summer’s reviews…

On Jun 8 2023, NanoVaslen said:

Hi. I was at Chrissy’s for an appointment with Summer on the 8th of June. I was in Hull anyway and when I rang up I was able to arrange an hour meet up with Summer. I had been with her before so she was my first choice from who was available that day. Also, I could walk up to Chrissy’s from the city centre. She had been told I was after a session of domination and when we met I was able to explain what I wanted and that I’d be happy to submit to whatever Summer desired to do with me. We soon got going. We started with a session of watersports and I lied in the bath so Summer could pee over me. That was a lovely experience and it felt really good. We returned to the bedroom. Summer put a blindfold on me and then pegs on my cock, balls and nipples. She had me on all fours so she could insert something into my arse. Then she told me to lick her cunt out until I made her cum. That was a fantastic experience, which I loved doing . I reckon from her reactions that she really enjoyed it whilst I greatly appreciated being told to serve her. and give her pleasure. After that I was told to sit on the setee and masturbate which was how she had planned to get me to cum, provided I could get her to cum by licking her out. I was then expected to lick up the cum that I’d squeezed onto my hand. Summer finished off by telling me to massage her, mainly her lower-back and back-side. I loved being given the opportunity to do that. So, it was a fantastic session and I was really taken by the way Summer exercised her control over me. I was pleased with how I was able to submit to her. I know I like to be dominated by women which, though it may not be every man’s thing, it is something I’m really into and I know that there are women at Chrissy’s Angels who are great at doing it. So, I had a fantastic time. And Summer is a beautiful woman who is skilled at domination. I loved the time I spent with her!

On Apr 5 2023, jellylegs said:

Well what can I say about summer that I haven’t said before ??
Had the privilege and the pleasure of sharing a hour with this gorgeous blond lady.
For once she wasn’t naked in seconds of entering the room we laid on the bed chatting and having a cheeky cuddle before the fun happend.
I don’t go into details but left breathless and in need of medical assistance lol.
I think summer did to sorry
Hope to see you soon gorgeous you never know I might get another special massage from you

On Jan 5 2023, jellylegs said:

Just got home from having an amazing time with the very lovely summer

I have seen her before unfortunately it was nearly 5 years ago so I thought it was time to see her again

The first thing she said to me was how long has it been since I saw you which was I abit scary that she remembered me I must have left a impression on all those years ago
Not going to go into details but had a great hour with a gorgeous young lady even got a cuddle after lol
Thanks for seeing me summer I hope to see you soon and make up for all those years I missed out

On September 21 2022, Bridrhino19 said:

What can I say. I was so nervous walking up to Chrissy’s today not seen Summer before. Was let in and she was stood waiting at top of stairs. WOW.
Extremely beautiful lady. Got to the room paperwork sorted when she was back in the room within seconds completely naked very keen 🤣. Had a chat and got down to it. I got the impression she enjoyed my tongue as she came in my mouth while playing with my hard member. Lots of fun ensued nearly forgot to play with her gorgeous boobs. Nipples so hard. I couldn’t quite finish today but God it was a heck of a experience seeing her riding me like she did.
Plans afoot for a hopeful 2 girl experience with Summer and Jasmine for my birthday in November
Fingers crossed on that one.
Hopefully Summer enjoyed the meet as much as I did it seemed that way.
Another fantastic experience st Chrissys no where else for me x x

On Sept 6 2022, chris31380 said:

Had my first visit to Chrissy’s today… Was not disapointed! After a friendly welcome I got had to make a very difficult choice between 4 lovely ladies, however it was Summer who caught my eye, she has an amzing physique and lovely smile. Unfortunetly she only had a 30 minute slot for me, but it was enough time for a lot of sexy fun… I decided I needed a little more afterwards, and Jasmine came to the room to extend my pleasure. She was amazing! We had a fun and intense session. My only regret is not having these two lovely ladies at the same time! I will definetly be back for the threesome, and perhaps savour the other delights on offer :) xx

On July 15 2022, Paulo-UK said:

Well, for a first-timer, that was a fabulous experience at Chrissy’s Angels.
Decided to try 2 x girl and Jasmine introduced her “work wife” Summer.
Two lovelier ladies you couldn’t wish to meet.
Very sexy – clearly love each other and what they do – as well as the client!
Summer could only stay for the first 1/2hr but it was well worth it.
Loads of fantastic oral (both ways) with Jasmine, to round off the session.
No rush to leave, nice to just cuddle and chat for a little while.
Thanks Ladies – I WILL be back xx

On Jan 6 2022, bert said:

Well what a Surprise…… It’s quite a while since I’ve been to CA with all these lockdows and stuff and also that they tend to close earlier than the other places but being in Hull during day whith a bit of time to fill I deciced to call in.

OK girls change their names / move to different parlours / go indie / or just stop working but even after such a long absence (a few years ) I was reccognised by two of the girls working there – Lauren and Summer – Same names / Same girls. Anyway, chose Summer and had a really good time, bit like meeting up with a friend you’ve not seen in many years. Spent a lot of time chatting about the old times too – the girls that used to work there etc etc. Really nice to renew my accquantance. Must get to Hull more often during the daytime.

On November 17 2021, thegeek said:

Had a great time with Summer earlier today. They say opposites attract, well that was the feeling I got anyway. Summer, a hot sexy lady who was very friendly and chatty, whereas I am a nerdy geek who has the conversation patter of a monk taking a vow of silence. But I came away thinking we made a little bit of magic together.

I think Summer enjoyed our brief time together, either that or she’s a great actress. Summer really made me feel special with some hot eye contact and kisses.

Summer even showed concern for my lack of fitness, although I had been up all night working the night shift.

Time for a bit of kip now, I’m cream crackered.

Thanks for a great time Summer.

On June 19 2019, Rob Jeffers said:

I booked Jasmine for an hour with the option of having Summer join us for the last half hour. Jasmine as always provides an excellent service including kissing, fingering, OWO and reverse oral. Cherie arrived although she wasn’t on the rota and I asked if she could join us as well as Summer so they both came into the room while Jasmine was riding me in cowgirl. What followed is hard to describe but I had an excellent time and Summer and Jasmine even put on a nice show for me, licking each others pussies while Cherie wanked me as she put her tits in my mouth and I spanked her arse.
Expensive perhaps but in my opinion well worth it and the lesbian show was a freebie.

On May 3 2021, kiljoy said:

Where to start. A fantastic 2 hours with these beautiful gorgeous intelligent ladies. Fantastic tits on both ladies and plenty of dirty talk. Full interaction with some anal play both ways. And I mustn’t forget the watersports! Just like turning on a tap. Don’t miss this show you’ll regret it. Thank you ladies until the next time. I can’t wait.