Sophia is in her late 20s, with brown hair. She is a size 8 with a 32C bust.

A selection of Sophia’s reviews…

On Jul 28 2023, hornypunter said:

Hard to believe but it has been nearly a year since I last saw Sophia. Not sure why I have left it so long yet again. She looked stunning today in a little blue 2 piece. It was great to get my hands back on her, what a view I had. Though the sight of her in her 2 piece was very pleasing on the eye it had to be removed for the main event. She also gave me a lovely massage at the end. Still one of the hottest ladies I have seen.

On August 10 2022, hornypunter said:

This was a long overdue visit to see Sophia. In fact it took her by surprise and she seemed a bit shocked last time was pre pandemic probably thinking she had got away from having to put up with me in the room these days. However, I have been contemplating the return for a while.
She hasn’t changed a bit , looking gorgeous in a little black number which stayed on throughout. My choice as it was very accessible.
A very enjoyable session which I hope to repeat. Next time the gap between meets will not be so great.

On December 11 2019, maxx7483 said:

first time for me here.. first time with Sophia.. and surelly not the last..
i think she is really an angel, is a nice girl.. beautiful eyes and smile.. and body..
the best choise i have ever made

On September 20 2019, bridrhino29 said:

Just spent a amazing hour with this beautiful caring lady. A lot less nervous about things so I’m getting there lol. I hope she enjoyed the massage lol x and please tell her yes I did leave with a big smile on my face xx

On September 10 2019, bridrhino19 said:

Met Sophia for the first time today lovely lady and very good looking. Will be planning another visit to see her.Hopefully first time nerves that got the better of me today are over x

On April 5 2019, Millerman said:

It’s been awhile since my last visit to Chrissy’s so I thought it’s time to have a venture out and take the plunge once again. 
So 11 o’clock ish today I was ringing the doorbell And in I went.
So there I was at Chrissy’s with four stunning angels smiling at me, who do I chose, blonde or brunette. All of them would be nice but that wasn’t an option so Sophia it was. 
I was offered a drink but declined and up to the room we went. 
With the paperwork out of the way for half a hours company with Sophia (at a discounted rate) the fireworks began. 
What happened in the room is between myself and Sophia, but what I can say is what a stunning lady she is, very skilled and very, very keen to please. Great body, good eye contact very chatty. I came away with a big smile on my face feeling very contented. 
Thankyou Sophia and Chrissy’s Angles. Well done.

On July 5 2018, hornypunter said:

Another hot day and another hot line up.After last week I knew this week I was going to have to slow down a bit. Arranged a late afternoon booking with Sophia. It had been quite a while since my last meeting with Sophia. Still remember the first time I saw her the reaction then was wow. Still is. Decided to chose the coolest room which was a good idea because at the end I was one hot knackered hornypunter. A very happy punter who had just spent a great time with a stunning young lady.

On Mar 16 2018, hullmike said:

A very belated report. I saw Sophia a few weeks ago and although brief it was up there with the best. Another stunning lady had recommended I see her and I’m glad I did. She is the full package of georgousness, curves and a naughty side as well. She knows what she’s got and she can certainly use it. I’ll not go into details but suffice to say I’ll be back as soon as I can. I now understand why she is in such demand.

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