Sapphire is in her late teens. She has long, dark blonde hair. Sapphire is a dress size 6-8, with a 32C bust.

A selection of Sapphire’s Reviews…

On November 16 2019, Spankspangle said:

Saw the amazing Sapphire for the second time yesterday.

What a beautiful, georgeous and sexy young women she is.

She is also a very nice person with a warm personality and I can’t wait to see her again.

Chrissy’s certainly have a great asset there. I also enjoyed following her up the stairs, what an arse!

On September 4 2019, Maxemus said:

Had another amazing visit with this stunning girl..and left totally had me blushing omg!!..her powers are far stronger each visit!..  …
I told her she should work for the CIA… As an interrogator because I would defy anyone to keep a secret under such pressure  She is amazing physically and a personality to match x…

On August 23 2019, tasher said:

Called into Angels today without a booking. One of the girls available was Sapphire who I hadn’t seen before so chose her and it was a good decision. She is extremely attractive with a pretty face and a super bod, very friendly and great fun in the room. I left very happy and can definitely recommend her.

On 28 July 2019, Maxemus said:

Had yet another faultless hookup with the hottest girl ever!
Each visit gets better and better… however now im completely powerless to stop the draining!.. she knows just how to send me over the edge .. Resistance is futile! I have stopped Resisting hahaha! X
Amazing girl..can’t wait to play hide the BBC with her again…she hides all of it!..I am very Impressed

On July 23 2019, Maxemus said:

If a guy was to imagine the perfect girl…it would be sapphire… I honestly cant find a single fault…stunning looks amazing in bed great to talk to …if I was 1000 years younger..I would be leaving my C.V! 
Guys …for those who are looking at her profile pics .. don’t bother they are only a shadow of how fit she truly is…the best figure ive seen in years!
Booked again for her next shift..if she worked 7 days I would be relocating 
Today she looked fitter than previous wow wow!

On July 16 2019, hornypunter said:

A warm sunny day meant a hornypunter with the emphasis on the horny. I booked to see Sapphire for half an hour but quickly realised this would be a mistake and extended it to an hour. Fortunately for my wallet Sapphire is extremely popular, so any additional bookings from me where out of the question.
As usual Sapphire looked hot, I was just bloody hot but this did not stop me from following my usual routine in the room,although this has changed slightly since Sapphire has corrupted me. I could feel the temperature rising the more the session went on and decided to explore my kinkier/perverted side a bit more. Some may say me and Sapphire in a room together is bad enough. I made sure Sapphire was ok with what I had in mind. This had the desired effect and brought about the inevitable conclusion with perfect timing.
It is a good job what happens in the room stays in the room , otherwise my reputation would be in tatters.

On July 3 2019, Maxemus said:

Twice in one day…wow I cant get enough lol…the very best of the best…cant wait 2c her again..
Think im going to need join a help group…or create one for all the poor guys hooked on this very Addictive Girl!..

On June 21 2019, Maxemus said:

Had a fantastic time with ..the SA…FIRE!…….

So hot!…planning my third visit…she has me totally hooked..she is 1 in 4 billion..

On June 17 2019, Maxemus said:

Omg!..all I have to say is this the hottest girl in hull..BY A MILE!! the photos do nothing for her ..shes stunning!..
Booked right after my visit today for tmrw!..

On June 11 2019, Spankyspangle said:

I have been wanting to see the Sapphire for time now, but she always managed to evade me by leaving the parlour before I could see her!

Delighted to find out she is now working at Angels so I booked half an hour with her.

Well she was definitely worth the wait! Sapphire is incredible pretty with a great body and she gave me a great service with some lovely kissing. I left a satisfied man and can’t wait for my next visit.

Thanks for a great time Sapphire you are certainly the jewel in Angels crown!


On June 2 2019, hornypunter said:

Knowing that there was a new Angel starting and her description sounded just up my street, I just had to make the trip to Chrissys. On arrival I saw Sapphire and the first thing that I thought was Wow. Such a pretty young lady . Really someone my age should not be having such thoughts but mesmerised by her beauty I knew I would need to see her in the room for an hour.
Once in the room the years seemed to drop off me , in my head, anyway. I was seeing a stunning beautiful scantily clad young lady, unfortunately Sapphire would be seeing an overweight old Shrek. As I slobbered over her I wished I had booked her earlier , a perfect GFE experience.
She is the perfect addition to the Angels and can imagine the possibility of a two girl in the future with Sapphire and Olivia. That would be some dilemma for me deciding who to pay attention to first.

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