Olivia is in her late teens with long blonde hair. She is a size 8 with a 32d bust.

A selection of Olivia’s reviews…

On May 9 2019, hornypunter said:

Today, I set off with a plan and timetable in my head. Things did not quite go to plan though. My plan was to see Olivia at least once today. This part did go to plan. On arrival it appeared that Olivia was expecting me, as she had her own plans for me. 
The first session took place in the blue room and the second in the grey room. The Grey room is a welcome addition to Angels and is tastefully decorated. When I am with Olivia the room doesn’t really matter , the electric cupboard would do for me. Might be a bit cramped and definitely too dark for me. 
The timetable went out of the window. When I left the furniture in the grey room was also different to when I arrived. A great day for me to remember .

On January 18 2019, hornypunter said:

After not seeing Olivia for a couple of months at the end of last year. I have been fortunate enough to see her twice already this year. After a few weeks of questioning my performance . This week she convinced me there is still life in the old dog yet. She really is addictive for me.I now just need to get into shape so I can keep it up.

On June 5 2018, Quinnbie said:

I’ve just had a session with Olivia
What a stunner! Could barely walk to my car afterwards

On Apr 17 2018, koolio said:

Visited the Angels This afternoon.
The door was answered by the lovely Piper and I was led upstairs where I met  Olivia. Jess and Jasmine were also working but not available at the time.

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