Lauren is in her early 30s, with long blonde hair. She is a dress size 10, with a 34C bust.

A selection of Lauren’s reviews…

On August 30 2019, jellylegs said:

I had the pleasure of seeing lauren today 

What can i say about this fantastic young lady that hasnt been said before 
Lauren looked stunning in white underwear with that look in her eye i knew the next hour would be fun
Needless to say i didnt last too long with her she is soo good at her job and i know lauren had a good time too next time i see her might need to bring a wetsuit lol 
Thanks for a great time lauren hope to see you again soon 

On July 10 2019, Spankyspangle said:

Saw the lovely Lauren again today and had a great time with her. She is a great kisser with a fantastic body which she used to great effect and I left a drained and satisfied man!

Hoping to have a wonderful threesome with her and juicy Jasmine soon for my birthday in September where they will definitely drain me dry!

Cheers Spankyspangle (Paul)

On April 3 2019, Spankyspangle said:

Saw the lovely Lauren today for the first time since she came back.

Had a fantastic half hour GFE with her and will be back to see her soon.

Thanks again from Spankyspangle