Lauren is in her early 30s, with long blonde hair. She is a dress size 10, with a 34C bust.

A selection of Lauren’s reviews…

On August 10 2022, MLn said:

I visited Lauren today at Chrissy’s Angels, not our first meet and previous report completed.

Sexy, Slim, Passionate, Blonde, Dirty and more recently updated Naughty 40, Lauren lives up to everything it says on her profile, a true MILF who delivers a flawless service.

The outfit of Lauren’s choosing today was a matching black two piece lingerie set, an excellent choice and showed her stunning sun-kissed body.

I won’t go in to the detail of the meet on this occasions but had an amazing time with Lauren from start to finish.

Lauren is a must see and your guaranteed not to be disappointed.

Will I be returning to see Lauren, a definite YES and already arranged the next meet.

On August 30 2019, jellylegs said:

I had the pleasure of seeing lauren today 

What can i say about this fantastic young lady that hasnt been said before 
Lauren looked stunning in white underwear with that look in her eye i knew the next hour would be fun
Needless to say i didnt last too long with her she is soo good at her job and i know lauren had a good time too next time i see her might need to bring a wetsuit lol 
Thanks for a great time lauren hope to see you again soon 

On July 10 2019, Spankyspangle said:

Saw the lovely Lauren again today and had a great time with her. She is a great kisser with a fantastic body which she used to great effect and I left a drained and satisfied man!

Hoping to have a wonderful threesome with her and juicy Jasmine soon for my birthday in September where they will definitely drain me dry!

Cheers Spankyspangle (Paul)

On April 3 2019, Spankyspangle said:

Saw the lovely Lauren today for the first time since she came back.

Had a fantastic half hour GFE with her and will be back to see her soon.

Thanks again from Spankyspangle