Jasmine is a brunette in her early 20s. She is a size 10 with a 34G bust.

A selection of Jasmine’s reviews…

On January 10 2020, vaslen said:

As soon as I saw Georgia’s post in the chatroom promoting a double domination session I knew this was an experience I had to try. I’m familiar with Jasmine’s skills from previous visits to Chrissy’s but the idea of having two dommes work on me sounded too exciting to resist! I finally got the chance today and it lived up to expectations.

Things got going with me sat in a chair facing the corner as Georgia and Jasmine did some nipple torture, squeezing with their fingers or using the clothes pegs I’d brought along (I usually bring something for the ladies to use to make it more interesting). This was followed by my balls being tied tight with a piece of cord and them taking it in turns to whack them. Then I was made to lie on the bed as one worked on my cock and balls with a pin wheel whilst the other squeezed my nipples. They covered my cock and balls with pegs and then proceeded to whip them off. Then I was told to lie on the floor and Jasmine stood one. Next I was on my hand and knees as they both took it in turns to kick my balls. There followed some hot wax play. I had the foresight to bring two candles along so had the pleasure (and pain!) of being drizzled with hot wax on my back and backside and then on my cock and balls and nipples, the flame of the candle getting so close at times it singed my pubic hairs. As you can see, this was a full-on high energy experience with two sexy, dominant ladies not holding back and delivering some serious pain. At the end of it all my balls were aching, my nipples were throbbing and I was covered with wax. The pain levels were quite intense but that’s a head space that gives me a very euphoric feeling.

When they’d finished with me Jasmine put a dog collar on me and led me to the shower room for a shower to get the hardened wax off. When I returned the session finished gently with my giving both ladies a foot rub.The combo was great and you really don’t know what’s coming next with these two, which makes the double domination thing very exciting. The experience of being used by these two beautiful ladies was fantastic.

Thanks for a great time Jasmine and Georgia.

On November 15 2019, Bridrhino19 said:

Thank you jasmine for being my birthday gift to my self. I really enjoyed your company. Hope you enjoyed the massage. I certainly enjoyed my lunch

Here’s to the next time xxx

On November 5 2019, hullnymph87 said:

well that was fun . Turned up and couldn’t control my manly urges around them irresistible curves so before I knew it I was strapped to the bed at jasmines mercy. Win ,win for me I loved every second although I went divulge too much . One thing I will divulge is she made me promise I’d have a 2 girl next visit with herself and Georgia and well I’m a man of my word . See you soon ladies

On October 21 2019, Vaslen said:

I went along to Chrissy’s last week for a dose of domination from the deliciously wicked Jasmine. I was treated to a mix of seductive torment and whacking from her flogger and then some ball busting from her bare feet. The highlight was being taken by Jasmine’s strap-on. She had me on all fours on the floor as she penetrated my arse with her false cock. It was a wonderful sensation as she pushed herself into me. And afterwards I got to kneel in front of her and admire her as she stood over me, the strap-on thrusting out from her crotch. Thanks for a great session Jasmine.

On October 11 2019, patheticworm said:

After being sent to the red room to wait for a punishment that I had only brought upon myself I was wondering who would appear. Waiting in the room alone full of all kinds of thought and emotions, suddenly in comes Miss Jasmine. The orders start from the moment she entered, “dress off worm and on your hands and knees”.
After apologising for needing help to remove my dress I was soon naked on my hands and knees.
“I have a treat for you worm”
wow, I am thinking i`m going to get jerked off for a bit before being punished, but how wrong I was.
“You can lick Miss Charley`s boots clean” Miss Jasmine has put them on for me to lick clean. They taste disgusting and the dirt stuck to them now in my mouth. (later I discover its just scum from the puddles on the way to Chrissys that has dried onto them) Boots finally clean it then becomes time to use them.
I am not sure how many kicks to my balls took place in the next 15 min but even the less powerful ones felt like my balls had burst.
I was then allowed to rest whilst massaging and rubbing cream into Miss Jasmines feet, followed with the paddle to my balls. Then back to the floor.
Back on my hands on knees was a given a safe word. I wasnt going to use it as I was being punished.
Then powerful kicks to my balls sending me to the floor. Struggling to get up each time, on the 4th or 5th I am no longer sure, i was kicked to the floor in agony.
“When you can get up, tidy the room and come down”
Sometime later I carried out my instructions.

Thank you Miss Jasmine for putting me in my place.

On October 09 2019, mickey said:

Visited today and 2 girls was available and chose Jasmine, as we got to the room Jasmine said its a shame to leave Georgia by her self can she join us  so agreed in about 5 seconds 
Anyway i spent a loverly half hour with 2 beauty’s who really took care of me .
They was plenty of attention paid to me and still cant belief i managed to last the half hour as it was non stop action  
Really enjoyed my self so thank you both very much was a pleasure and a laugh.
Can reccomend Chrissys Angels all very friendly

On October 8 2019, fnp said:

After a long absence m the lovely Jasmine, I decided it was time to renew acquaintance. Jasmine met me and took me up to the room then, knowing my proclivity for a two girl, suggested that Olivia might join us. After a lengthy period of thought (about ten seconds!) how to float my boat. All I can say is that after collecting my granddaughte from school, I fell asleep in a chair while she, blissfully unaware, read her book until my son arrived home. Thank you girls you made an old man happy – AGAIN!

On August 8 2019, Vaslen said:

I spent time with the beautiful Jasmine earlier this week for a session of domination. I won’t go into details about what we got up to but it involved sensual torment of sensitive bits and an inspired piece of humiliation. When she’s acting the ‘domme’ she totally enters into the role, and I love watching the concentration on her face as she inflicts her delicious combo of pain and pleasure. For the last part she clicks out of dominant mode and reverts back being the ‘nice girl,’ as she is a lovely lady – hard to believe she can be so wicked with it! She says she wants more practice at honing her domination skills and could do with some willing subjects – sounds to me like an invitation that should be snapped up!

On July 5 2019, humbertraveller said:

This afternoon was beautiful and very sunny. I found myself with a spare hour and somehow or other on my way home the car just found it’s way to round the corner from Chrissy’s Angels. Well what was I to do? A few minutes later I was greeted by Georgia and Jasmine. Both are gorgeous so it was difficult but I have already met Jasmine and couldn’t resist seeing her again.

Once the paper work was sorted the next half hour was sheer bliss. Jasmine treated me to a lovely erotic massage and then invited me to massage her. This was also enjoyable as she has a beautiful curvy figure with an all over tan. Jasmine is a very rewarding girl to massage because she is very responsive to touch and tells you when she is enjoying something. This led on to some more caressing and stroking by Jasmine. Of course the further details are confidential between the two of us. Suffice to say Jasmine is very skilled in the bedroom department and one thing led to another and ***!**!! and eventually I was lying back a very satisfied relaxed man.

We then chatted for a while which is always a nice way to end an encounter. I was so relaxed that Jasmine had to remind me when it was time to go! Although I would have loved to stay I stepped into the late afternoon sunshine feeling very chilled and happily made my way home.

On March 20 2019, endoftheroadp said:

I had the pleasure of spending time with Jasmine today and she was just what was needed. Proper Ull lass and no mistake with a heart if gold and skillfull hands. I am recovering from a bad illness and I needed to ease myself back slowly abd carefully, tge right choice was made with Jasmine.

On March 15 2019, mickey said:

First time visit and would like to say how friendly all the girls are
Definatly picked the right girl she is very friendly chatty and easy to get on with even tho she did remind me she not had any lunch yet 
Jasmine seems to like her feet and toes massaged as she offered me £10 back to keep going 
Can recommend Jasmine but also Chrissy.s Angels for a first class service. will definatly be back for more

On March 5 2019, Spankyspangle said:

Saw the lovely Jasmine this afternoon (5/3). She was as warm and friendly as usual and I left a satisfied man!

Thanks for a great time Jasmine and I hope to see you again soon.

Cheers Spankyspangle.

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