Jada is in her early 20s, with long brown hair. She is a size 8, with a 32B bust

A selection of Jada’s reviews…

On Aug 17 2023, hornypunter said:

The previous day I had the chance to visit Angels but events delayed this until the Wednesday. A report suggested that I had missed out on the delights of Alice. However ,I knew on Wednesday Jada was going to be on. Jada is fast becoming my must see Angel , rapidly catching up to Alice. Each time really does get better and better. She looks fantastic in and out of her underwear. She always makes me smile with some of the things she comes out with. I always leave a very satisfied punter when I see her. Unfortunately I think I am going to have to wait a while for my next Jada fix, who will fill her place?

On Aug 1 2023, hornypunter said:

It was Yorkshire day and there was no better way to celebrate than a punt in Yorkshire with a Yorkshire lady.I had already decided I was going to see Jada today before I arrived .The last time I saw her was back in February when in my eagerness I caused a commotion on the stairs and after an intense session with her ,it took me a few days to recover. Today, I was more composed, however once in the room and Jada in position it was obvious I was going to have another intense session. She looked fantastic I am no longer sure which Angel has the best bum. I think I probably need a multi girl session where I can judge them. Obviously I could not keep my wandering hands under control and down below there was a definite stirring. With the necessary equipment on standby it was soon to be time for round 1. Unfortunately ,I am not a duracell bunny and so any fast and furious action eventually needs me to take a breather. It also gave Jada chance to relax and lay down, only for a short while though as round 2 beckoned. This one was the one and the inevitable happened. At the end I was spent, with my heart pounding and heavy breathing Jada gave me a very nice massage until I recovered. Not going to wait as long to see her next time, just hope I did not overdo it again.Definitely my best session so far with Jada.

On Feb 10 2023, hornypunter said:

Just had a very pleasurable half hour with Jada. I was that eager to get to room 2 that I fell up the stairs several times. Dread to think what the guy in room 1 thought. Fortunately I did eventually make it to the room in one piece. However when I left the room I felt totally drained for some reason despite Jada giving me a nice massage at the end to give me time to recover.

On August 10 2022, jellylegs said:

Just got back from seeing the stunning jada at angels today I was met at the door by jada wearing a t shirt and shorts and was taken up to a room.
A few minutes later jada entered the room looking amazing in a pink leotard/bodysuit which really looked good on her especially when she turned around jada has a fantastic arse
Not wanting to go into details but had a awesome time with a very sexy young lady
If you haven’t seen her don’t hesitate again another diamond at angels