Hollie is in her late 20s, with long brown hair. She is a dress size 8 with a 32B bust

A selection of Hollie’s reviews…

On June 30 2021, Outsider said:

Excellent meeting with Hollie this morning. Pretty face lovely body, friendly and naughty .
Wish I could have lasted longer but a great time had.

On June 25 2021, hornypunter said:

My booking with Hollie was at the end of her shift. She was looking smoking hot in some sexy red lingerie, but made a passing comment that she could not wait to get out of her knickers. I thought to myself, maybe so but I bet I am looking forward to that event more.
In the room the knickers were immediately discarded and with her on the bed doggy style the sight was a joy to behold.I was eager to get my paws all over her, the little fella was also showing his eagerness. Eventually after a good fondle and feel around it was raincoat time and to play hide the sausage.So starting off in doggy it progressed to reverse cowgirl.After a while it was time for a change of scenery and so Hollie laid on her back, as it was nearly teatime I thought it was time to dine at the Y, before a bit of Mish. This did not quite go to plan as I had not realised how close we had got to the edge of the bed, nearly ending up in a heap on the floor a bit of repositioning was called for.
With my stamina starting to ebb, I decide the climax would have to be a manual task. All of Hollies remaining lingerie had been removed by myself earlier in the doggy position. At first I thought that her bum would be the target.This changed when I could feel Vesuvious erupting and I decided upon her tits.It was like a burst water main,despite pulling her close the baby batter went everywhere including the carpet(which I had to clean up at the end).