Georgia is in her early 30s, with long brown hair. She is a size 16, with a 42HH bust.

A selection of Georgia’s reviews…

On January 10 2020, vaslen said:

As soon as I saw Georgia’s post in the chatroom promoting a double domination session I knew this was an experience I had to try. I’m familiar with Jasmine’s skills from previous visits to Chrissy’s but the idea of having two dommes work on me sounded too exciting to resist! I finally got the chance today and it lived up to expectations.

Things got going with me sat in a chair facing the corner as Georgia and Jasmine did some nipple torture, squeezing with their fingers or using the clothes pegs I’d brought along (I usually bring something for the ladies to use to make it more interesting). This was followed by my balls being tied tight with a piece of cord and them taking it in turns to whack them. Then I was made to lie on the bed as one worked on my cock and balls with a pin wheel whilst the other squeezed my nipples. They covered my cock and balls with pegs and then proceeded to whip them off. Then I was told to lie on the floor and Jasmine stood one. Next I was on my hand and knees as they both took it in turns to kick my balls. There followed some hot wax play. I had the foresight to bring two candles along so had the pleasure (and pain!) of being drizzled with hot wax on my back and backside and then on my cock and balls and nipples, the flame of the candle getting so close at times it singed my pubic hairs. As you can see, this was a full-on high energy experience with two sexy, dominant ladies not holding back and delivering some serious pain. At the end of it all my balls were aching, my nipples were throbbing and I was covered with wax. The pain levels were quite intense but that’s a head space that gives me a very euphoric feeling.

When they’d finished with me Jasmine put a dog collar on me and led me to the shower room for a shower to get the hardened wax off. When I returned the session finished gently with my giving both ladies a foot rub.The combo was great and you really don’t know what’s coming next with these two, which makes the double domination thing very exciting. The experience of being used by these two beautiful ladies was fantastic.

Thanks for a great time Jasmine and Georgia.

On November 27 2019, patheticworm said:

So reading through the forums I spot someones fantasy and think to myself that needs to be reality. So after speaking to Miss Georgia, who be the way has a secret crush on me, it is all arranged.
If you know the layout at Chrissys, Miss Georgia and I go into the gold room. This is a room with a double bed and couple of sofas. I am instructed to quickly undress. Miss Georgia lays on the bed, as I quickly fumble to remove my clothes. ^ Get the lotion worm, you can massage my feet” Miss Georgia commands. So as I am picking up the lotion and heading across to the bed with it, I am told ” Before you start, fold your fucking clothes up, do you throw them on the floor at home?” A bit embarrassed I chose not to answer and folded them neatly.
I sit on the end of the bed and warm the lotion in my hands. Then as I start to massage the lotion into Miss Georgias sexy feet and delicious toes, I can feel myself becoming aroused. I have been promised I get to fuck Miss Georgia today, it will be the first time ever. So slowly massaging and getting more aroused by the second, I can hear the other Angels coming and sitting in the room. They are chatting and looking at their phones. I can feel them watching me. I can hear comments as I kiss Miss Georgias feet. I have been massaging and worshipping Miss Georgias feet for about 20 mins now, to abuse and laughter and now told it is time.
Miss Georgia lays on her front, bends her legs so her feet are in the air. “Fuck my feet worm but do not cum”. So in front of 5 or 6 Angels I am fucking Miss Georgias feet to some giggles and degrading comments. The humiliation of how pathetic I am. I can only look down feeling so ashamed, especially as its the best sex of my life. As Angels enter and leave the room I heard “OMFG”. Being asked questions that I am to ashamed to answer, also unsure if they require answers as they are quite obvious, for example, “what would your friends say if they saw you?”
Miss Georgia now tells me I am going to be allowed to fuck her til I cum. Lowering her legs down to the bed I am thinking, OMG the Angels are going to watch me take her from behind. “Fuck my legs below the knees worm and do not touch me anywhere else”. Not what I had in my mind, but obviously more than I deserve.
So this is where it ends, me fucking Miss Georgias lower legs, being laughed at and degraded. Pumping and thrusting, building up to a climax. So I cum and keep pumping, squirting my load “I`m the most pathetic bastard in the room” I shout as I cum, “Louder say some of the Angles”, so as squirt 3 or 4 more times I shout this again another 2 times



Did I chose to say this or was I told to, I will let you decide. Humiliation over, time to dress and be normal. Not a chance. My cum is all over Miss Georgia legs. So I am instructed to lick it all off. I can hear giggles and ewwwwws. The thought of doing this is great before I cum, but the reality is not so great. Its degrading and disgusting. Once I have eaten as much as I can. Then I have to go for a fresh towel and wipes. I clean off Miss Georgias legs and dry them off. Humiliated, degraded but happy to have been allowed sex. Thank you Miss Georgia xxxx

On October 17 2019, 34bloke said:

Went to see Georgia today for some domination which was a really enjoyable experience!

After being tied up on the bed (the very sexy) Jasmine popped in for a bit as well to smack my balls and twist my nipples ha! Dont know who she thinks she is- not that I was complaining (well I was but all good fun ha).

Without going too much into detail the session involved a variety of things from having Georgia’s lovely round arse on my face, to a bit of strap on, to a little bit of pain.

Wouldnt hesitate to recommend Georgia or Jasmine, both are sexy, lovely women (unless you don’t want them to be, in which case you’ll get what you asked for…and a bit more!).

On October 09 2019, mickey said:

Visited today and 2 girls was available and chose Jasmine, as we got to the room Jasmine said its a shame to leave Georgia by her self can she join us  so agreed in about 5 seconds 
Anyway i spent a loverly half hour with 2 beauty’s who really took care of me .
They was plenty of attention paid to me and still cant belief i managed to last the half hour as it was non stop action  
Really enjoyed my self so thank you both very much was a pleasure and a laugh.
Can reccomend Chrissys Angels all very friendly

On September 21 2019, fnp said:

I had a very enjoyable half hour with Georgia on Tuesday. She is a lovely caring BBW and those boobs are deliciously tempting – and believe me I gave in to temptation. I won’t go into further details to save both Georgia and myself embarrassment but suffice to say that “I’ll be back!”

On August 6 2019, pipwillow said:

I really like Georgia, she is down to earth and treats people like real people, not just a “job to be done”… Im always nervous in a room for the first time with a new girl and she put me at ease and listened to the kind of things I liked.

I’d say go and look her up, you will leave with a smile.

On May 31 2019, kingston said:

Had a lovely meet with Georgia today. Lovely big Tits which I sucked and played with. Some gentle kissing and then I had her lay on her back so I could explore her body slowly moving down kissing and licking her tits then down a little to tease her juicy pussy with my tounge burying my face in it smothering my face in her juice i went on to rim her lovely round arse which she seemed to enjoy she get in doggy position on the end of the bed and was fucking my face! A nice blowjob (covered) followed and then sex in numerous positions including reverse cowgirl so I could see that juicy ass bouncing on my cock! Didn’t quite finish the race during sex and was about to get dressed but we played on the bed with her stroking my balls while I proceeded to wank off and spurt all over her tits!! (Whoops) A lovely lady thanks Georgia I may be back to try some naughty things we were talking about soon.

On November 25 2018, MrHairy said:

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Georgia, a lovely, friendly BBW in her thirties with massive natural boobs. This was my third visit to a parlour and I kept things simple, asking for a helping hand and some mutual touching. That now sets the record for the largest boobs I’ve actually seen or touched, and I hereby certify it was all completely natural! It was great spending time with someone so friendly and accomodating. She certainly knew her job and seemed to enjoy giving me a hand with some stress relief. Enjoyable chat at the end while I recovered. Recommended. Positive review left on Punternet.

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