Eden is in her late 30s, with long, black hair. She is a dress size 8, with a 32DD bust.

A selection of Eden’s reviews…

On December 19 2020, Treefrog said:


Way back in October I had the chance to meet up with Eden, being my b’day thought I’d treat myself.

Initially didn’t realize I was at Chrissy’s place, until the ladies outside saw me hovering about looking like a lost sheep! Soon got me righted and inside with Eden.

Once inside and the paper work sorted she left me to prepare for our entanglement. Now I have a passion for stockings which extends to my own legs, along side Edens lovely figure in her lingerie and stockings too.

After a bit of a friendly chat and get to know you the fun began! At which point, no more will be told of!

Needless to say had an amazing hour with Eden, really indulging me in my stockings and a great session of sex, perfect for my b’day. Was thinking about it with a smile on my face for hours afterwards.

Thanks Eden for an amazing time.

On October 2 2020, hornypunter said:

At the start of the week I made a booking for Daisy on Friday. A very enjoyable time again ensued, it was at the end that an idea came into my head. Eden was the only remaining Angel who had not received the pleasure of seeing my toned physique in the flesh. Today was going to be her lucky day. Once in the room I only gave her a quick glimpse, as I decided to be lazy and lay on the bed for a massage. As I savoured this, I could tell Eden was wanting another look by the fact she said I could turn over whenever I liked. Eventually I gave in and decided it was time to swap places with Eden and do some work myself. It always helps when you enjoy your work.
Now I am not sure if Eden knew what to expect, but basically she was in for a rampant stallion with the tongue of a lizard.
This was a very enjoyable session with a sexy lady who was willing and eager to please. After today I need to explore more of this Eden Paradise.