Cindy is her late teens, with long brown hair. She is a dress size 8 with a 32C bust

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On January 3 2020, jellylegs said:

I had the honor for seeing the stunning cindy today at chrissys angels. I have not seen her before only seen the pictures on the site trust me the pics dont do this stunner any justice!

I am not going to go into details about what happened but i will say i could follow that ass anywhere.
Cindy is a hidden gem hopefully will get to see her again soon
Jelly legs

On October 22 2019, maxemus said:

was very happy to have finally had the pleasure of meeting the very lovely Cindy stunning figure and personality to match!..I
Would say she is a true Gem…
Treat her well guys and…  she will you!  was a real honer taking her BBC Virginity lol. Though she is real tight were it matters see hid the black pudding completely! 
Lovely girl! 11 out of 10!

On October 18 2019, kingston said:

Had a lovely session with Cindy today. I don’t normally see some of the younger ladies but I am very pleased I made the choice of Cindy. Our time started with some nice mutual caressing and kissing. I laid on my back and had her sit on my face with her panties still on and she was gently grinding my face. We sat up, kissed deeply as I licked her nice pert tits. She laid on her back and moved to the end of the bed as I burried my face in her gorgeous pussy. I asked her to bend over on the bed so I could admire her juicy arse. What a wonderful view I had to tounge fuck her delicious arse which Cindy seem to enjoy thoroughly she apologised for her pussy being so wet but I just greedily licked it up. On to a nice (covered) blowjob while she played and tickled my balls followed by sex in missionary first as I pounded her deep while kissing her neck and tits. More kissing, sucking and tounge fucking followed in to a fantastic climax in doggy! Down to earth, honest and friendly lady. I had a great time.

On October 14 2019, patheticworm said:

If you hadn`t gathered from my name I have been deemed to pathetic to have sex with an Angel. After having sexual thoughts about Cindy I decided I needed to book a session with her. So this a shortened version of the encounter, and would only happen to me.

Waiting in the blue room thinking to myself “I can`t believe I`m finally going to have sex with an angel”. Semi erect and feeling quite nervous my hands slightly trembling, I await Cindys arrival. In she comes wearing red patterned matching panties and bra. Suddenly it dawns on me this is going to be the most beautiful girl I have ever fucked in my life.

Sensual Cindy lays on the bed and passes me a pot of cream. Instructed to rub cream into and massage Cindys feet I kneel on the floor and obey. Cindy then says “Only look at my feet worm” then removes her panties. I continue my duties as I am ignored and Cindy text her friends or whatever she is doing on her phone. I am then allowed to look up only into her eyes.
After asking for permission to look at Cindys legs and pussy, I am then allowed to moisturise her legs. I think she is quite amused by how aroused I am just touching her legs. She grabs my cock through my pink lacey panties and giggles.” Give my pussy one slow lick, and remember it is something you will never get”
With it made abundantly clear I will never have sex, my earlier illusions now destroyed, I am allowed to bring Cindy to orgasm using my tongue. After about 30 seconds or so this comes to an end being told how useless I am and if I have ever satisfied a woman.
Cindy tells me to kneel on the floor, because she pities me I am going to get a treat. I`m now so aroused and ready to explode, I`m thinking when I jerk off this load is going to be so explosive. She then retrieves a bowl of water from outside the door. Its my treat.
That session certainly put me in my place with Cindy. It is now crystal clear that I am getting nothing from her. The title of the topic was chosen for a number of reasons, Cindy shows me the delights others get to have, Cindy shows me my place and Cindy shows she is intelligent and not just beautiful. My problem is how stupid I am, Cindy teases and hints I may get there in the end, so will obviously try again. A gorgeous girl that knows what she`s doing.

On September 20 2019, tasher said:

Finally met Cindy today. Lovely looking girl with a pretty face and long dark hair. She was friendly and welcoming and an enthusiastic and skilful companion. I really enjoyed my time with her and she lived up to the high standards I have come to expect from the Angels.

On September 18 2019, Bigc35 said:

I saw Cindy on Monday she was running a bit late but was definitely
worth the wait, such a beautiful woman and very sweet kisses can’t
wait to see her again xp

On August 17 2019, spankyspangle said:

I had seen Cindy’s profile and photos on the website and thought to myself I want some of that!
Booked half an hour with her and I was not disappointed. When I first saw her I thought wow! Cindy is very pretty with a fantastic body and a great kisser too. She is also very friendly and warm and she soon puts you at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and left a very satisfied man.
Can’t wait to see her again.
Highly recommended

On August 14 2019, hornypunter said:

A visit to Chrissys today and a session with Olivia.As usual very enjoyable but I decided on saving myself and having a session with Cindy.The sight of her in her skimpy lingerie just got too much for me. Just my type pretty young and slim.Once in the room,I could not wait to get my hands on her. The view when she was kneeling in front of me was just awesome and soon had me ready for action. The trouble is I am not as young as I used to be and eventually the batteries run low and so I got her to lay on her back, another lovely view and after a bit more exploration time to go again. Batteries still not fully charged time for Cindy to give me a massage before I had one last attempt. No end result but great fun trying, always next time.

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