Cherie is in her mid 20s, with long brown hair. Cherie is a dress size 12-14, with a 32C bust

A selection of Cherie’s reviews…

On July 6 2021, hornypunter said:

Having previously seen Cherie and it been such an enjoyable experience I decided today was the right time for a second round. As usual , following my preferred routine I got Cherie to position herself on the bed in order that I could appreciate a rear view. Always quite strange having a conversation with a lady when your eyes are fixated on a certain part of her anatomy. I was sat very comfortably and happily feeling my way around blissfully unaware that the position was becoming uncomfortable for her. So when she suggested a slight alteration to the position I took it as my cue to get ready for some pelvic exercises.
Eventually when I decided that had been a sufficient workout I thought I would let Cherie give me a talc massage. When the top came off Cherie managed to get more on the bedding than me. After a relaxing back rub I turned over in order that Cherie could pay some attention to the little fella. New raincoat on ,time to enjoy. However I seem to have developed a habit of needing to finish manually. Today was no exception and so removing the coat Cherie started to sort me out, taking control it was not long before the inevitable and as usual it went everywhere. With the bedding now also covered in something other than talc, I helped her strip and change it. As she was getting off the bed she accidentally kicked me in the head,not the first time in a parlour that this has happened to me, fortunately the days of my high heeled boot fetish are behind me and a bare foot is no problem unlike a stiletto heel.
Another great visit and another angel who gets to experience my uncontrollable fountain.

On June 19 2021, Rob Jeffers said:

I booked Jasmine for an hour with the option of having Summer join us for the last half hour. Jasmine as always provides an excellent service including kissing, fingering, OWO and reverse oral. Cherie arrived although she wasn’t on the rota and I asked if she could join us as well as Summer so they both came into the room while Jasmine was riding me in cowgirl. What followed is hard to describe but I had an excellent time and Summer and Jasmine even put on a nice show for me, licking each others pussies while Cherie wanked me as she put her tits in my mouth and I spanked her arse.
Expensive perhaps but in my opinion well worth it and the lesbian show was a freebie.

On June 3 2021, hornypunter said:

Upon arrival for my booking with Olivia I was introduced to Cherie, the new Angel. Straight away I realised I needed to make another booking for later in the day. I was instantly attracted to Cherie and knew I needed not to overdo things with Olivia. My instant attraction to Cherie was further strengthened when she made me a good cup of coffee.
I had my plan in my mind of how my session with Cherie was going to go. Once in the room everything started going well as I started to get better acquainted with her body,lovely soft silky skin. Indeed it was not long before I stepped up a level. Then my plans went out of the window, Cherie’s touch sent me into seventh heaven and so it was time to let her control the situation. Sheer bliss as I lay on the bed.
Definitely coming back for more.A great new addition .