Alice is in her early 20s, with long brown hair. Alice is a dress size 14, with a 36g bust

A selection of Alice’s reviews…

On May 3 2022, Spankyspangle said:

Fancied a punt today and found out Alice at Chrissy’s was working.
I had seen her 3 times before so I was eager to make it 4.
Alice greeted me in some sexy boots and she led me to the bedroom. A very fun and sexy time ensued!
Alice seems to get better every time I see her and I left feeling very satisfied.
Thanks for a great time and I hope to make it 5 soon.

On Feb 12 2022, kevkev said:

Visited Alice again and made to feel like the only guy out there. During our time nothing else matters. I feel so lucky to have found her. Go be looked after and take care of this beautiful Princess. x

On January 13 2022, jellylegs said:

Had the privilege and the pleasure of seeing Alice today at angels

This is the second time I have seen her for some reason I didn’t do a report last time sorry Alice

Alice Is stunning had a fantastic time with her I couldn’t keep my hands off her she kept eye contact with me which was amazing I could get lost in her eyes

I don’t want to go into details about what happened I the room but I was left breathless and very happy thank you Alice will definitely be seeing you again soon I hope

On December 30 2021, Spankyspangle said:

Decided to get my new year celebrations off to an early start today (30/12) with the ever gorgeous Alice.
Alice was as lovely and friendly as always and she certainly knows how to push my buttons!
She certainly is one sexy young lady who gives a great service and I left a very happy man!
Thanks for a great time Alice and can’t wait to see you in the new year.
Spankyspangle (Paul).

On November 16 2021, kevkev said:

This young lady enchants me. I’d love to steal her as my own. She is super pretty and very real. The young woman next door you fancy the hell out of and there she is, yours, for a short while. Smiling, kissing, caring and wonderfully ready. I’d never share in such a place what transpires however, be kind caring and tender and watch her affection reflect back.
I’d never want to share her with anyone however, she is all a guy could want to make his day.
Just beautiful.
Please treat her well.

On September 28, hornypunter said:

Booked to see Alice today. Have seen her in the past and always enjoyed our time together but I was getting the vibes that today was going to be the best yet. The fact she was wearing knee high boots also helped,I have always had a boots fetish. Upon entering the bedroom Alice knew exactly what i was wanting and how we were going to proceed.As she lay on the bed in her underwear and boots I began to pay her some attention, it was not long before the underwear came off in order to give me unrestricted access,the boots stayed firmly on though. A condom applied,because I knew it was not going to be long before the pressure would become too much.Feeling the urge it was time for a bit of corrective positioning and time for my workout.
Eventually a change of pace was called for and so it was time for a rear view. All very nice but I was missing seeing Alice’s face. So I got her to turnover and decided it was now time to pay attention to her top half. Despite the obvious delights on the way,there was one place I had my mind set on, the part the ladies dread when I move in for the kiss. Alice did not flinch and provided the perfect GFE.
The vibes had been correct, a great time with a lovely young lady, to hopefully be repeated very soon.

On December 9 2020, Spankyspangle said:

Saw the wonderful Alice again yesterday (8/12) for my Christmas treat.Booked for half an hour and was greeted at the door by the ever lovely Naomi , who showed me upstairs.
Alice was waiting for me in some sexy underwear and I had the great pleasure of watching her lovely bum as she led me to the room through a labyrinth of corridors!
Once the paperwork was sorted we got down to some wonderful kissing and groping. I then proceeded to remove her thong and had a good lick of her juicy pussy! :drool:
It was then my turn and Alice put the condom on with her mouth and gave me a very nice blowjob. Unfortunately it was a little too good and I felt myself passing the point of no return. We quickly took the condom off and I came all over those big lovely tits of hers! :P
Thanks for a great time Alice, you are fast becoming one of my favourite girls and I can’t wait see you again next year.
Cheers Spankyspangle (Paul).

On October 9 2020, kingston said:

Had a wonderful time with Alice today. We started with some nice French kissing and caressing. I had her sit on my face with her panties on so I could tease myself and Alice. Savouring her scent with her grinding her pantie covered pussy all over my face. We sat up and I admired her delightful breasts, burying my face in her cleavage as I sucked and nibbled them. I asked her to call me a filthy little cunt (which I am). I proceeded to tease and had her lay on her back with the panties off kissing and licking her thighs before satisfying my oral obsession. Doggy style position next with her arse up in the air so I could rim her deep while gently playing with her wet pussy. I asked her to spank me and call me a dirty ass licking cunt which was nice. On to more of my oral obsession savouring her sweet wet pussy we then kissed and she told me she liked licking all her juices from my face. I nearly exploded! Nice blow job (covered) followed Alice was drooling all over my cock getting it all wet before I pounded her deep with her on her back holding her wonderful, large, bouncing breasts. Moving on to fuck her from behind with her calling me a filthbag while I gently spanked and fucked her deep. I got a little hot and sweaty and didn’t quite finish the race during sex. More mutual oral pleasure with her licking my nipples looking at me and telling me I am a dirty cunt while I was sniffing her panties I could hold back no longer and proceeded to shoot my load all over her tits. She licked her juices from my face it was only fair I cleaned my juice off her breasts. Alice is a lovely woman. Easy to talk to very relaxed and what else can I say very obliging. I look forward to seeing her again. Maybe a 2 girl with jasmine as I have never experienced a threesome. Perhaps this dirty little cunt should treat himself.

On October 2 2020, Spankyspangle said:

At the start of the week I made a booking for Daisy on Friday. A very enjoyable time again ensued, it was at the end that an idea came into my head. Eden was the only remaining Angel who had not received the pleasure of seeing my toned physique in the flesh. Today was going to be her lucky day. Once in the room I only gave her a quick glimpse, as I decided to be lazy and lay on the bed for a massage. As I savoured this, I could tell Eden was wanting another look by the fact she said I could turn over whenever I liked. Eventually I gave in and decided it was time to swap places with Eden and do some work myself. It always helps when you enjoy your work.
Now I am not sure if Eden knew what to expect, but basically she was in for a rampant stallion with the tongue of a lizard.
This was a very enjoyable session with a sexy lady who was willing and eager to please. After today I need to explore more of this Eden Paradise.